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All Dual purpose breeds, including:

Black Ostralorp Rhode Island Red, Production Reds, Silver-Laced Wyandotte, Barred Rock, Golden Comet.  We have recently added the have recently hatched Americauna chicks [produces light green eggs], so in the fall we should be able to start offering straight run chicks of this breed as well.



Free range eggs delivered on route [brown/white/green/blue]  


$     3.00

Eggs/Stewing Hens/young roosters.  We offer all natural, free-range eggs. Our hens are fed using only grains from the local mill and are free to roam as they please inside a very large barnyard covered by aviary netting [to protect them from predators].  We often toss in hay, garden weeds, grass clippings, etc. for them to pick at and in winter when vegetation is sparce, we supplement with frozen pumpkins & sunflower seeds that we grew and put up for winter supplement, and natural “scratch” grains from the local mill, Carroll Farm Service.  We offer our older, low-producing [stewing] hens for sale once or twice per year which are great for chicken & noodles. Young roosters are available on occasion, depending on hatch schedule as it takes us 4 months to raise them to a good size.


Beef [pasture-raised]-sold live - will transport to our favorite butcher [Steve's Meats in Logan] or you can make your own arrangements if you purchase a full steer.


Reserve whole steer with $200 deposit


Hogs-sold live, price includes transport to recommended butcher [we buy piglets in March and are generally fully grown by July – only offered once per year]


Reserve whole hog with $100 deposit


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