Laurel Springs Farm is a 50-acre family farm located near Laurelville, Ohio in the Hocking Hills owned by Eric and Brenda Schmidt. After a fraudulent business merger in 2007 that resulted in us losing everything we had worked for our entire lives and being thrust into the court system in an ongoing battle against the people that stole our company and our livelihood, we decided to try our hand at farming and focus on positive and more gratifying efforts.

We are proud parents of 5 grown children and a growing number of grandchildren. Our family inspires us to try to live a more sustainable lifestyle and do our part to minimize the damage being done to our world every day with needless waste. We want to do our part to leave behind a world worth having for our future generations. We consider other ways of using items that may otherwise end up in a landfill. We recycle many items in our farming practice, including egg cartons and other containers, and we use hubcaps and other items which we paint and decorate and use as spinners in the gardens to help keep wildlife at bay.

While challenging in many ways, the work here at the farm is very rewarding and there are always new things to see, do and learn. We feel blessed that we had this beautiful land to sculpt into our own, to have a place for family to visit away from the city and we consider the work our exercise which is great for our health!

We strive to practice sustainable agriculture, promoting the improvement of our environment. We raise our animals humanely and care about their health and wellbeing and we do not use antibiotics, hormones or growth promoters.”

We have finally achieved our “next step” in our long-term goals, which was launching our cabin rental business in March of 2017. We are already planning our second and final cabin, which will be the Cabin by the Pond. The cabin rental business gives us an opportunity to share our land with others to enjoy and is a turning point in restoring our livelihood, which has been a full decade in the making.


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